Alas  Kedaton
Alas Kedaton is located in Kukuh Village of Marga Sub district + 4 km from Tabanan City. Alas Kedaton is actually a temple and this temple have two very interesting uniqueness. Own four entrances into the temple that is from west representing especial entrance northerly the other, East and from South arch which is all go to the middle of the yard. Secondary unique is the yard in representing holy place exactly its location is lower the than middle yard and outside yard.

This sanctum is encircled by forest dwelt by a group of monkey assumed as holy monkey. Beside that also there are a group of bat which live to hang-on in big wood tree bough and flies at any times, representing a very interesting attraction for tourist both foreign and local.

Ceremony in this temple is held on Tuesday ( Anggara manis) twenty day after Feast Day Of Galungan. Which such ceremony started in the day time and should have finished before sunset. This temple often is also referred as temple of Alas Kedaton or Dalem Kahyangan Temple.
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Bajra Santi Monument
Bali Travel Information, Bajra Sandhi Monument is monument of Balinese People Struggle. This Monument is recognized by the name of Bajra Sandhi because its form looking like Bajra or Genta or bell used by all Hindu Priest in reading off Weda holy sentence (mantra) at religious ceremony. This monument is built in the year 1987, opened by president of Megawati Sukarno Putri on 14 June 2003. the purpose of this monument development is to immortalize the soul and spirit of Balinese People struggle, at one blow dig, looking after, developing and also preserve the culture of Bali to be bequeathed to a router generation as advancing capital stroke tread a world of loaded progressively with the challenge and resistance.

This monument comprise 33 diorama depicting the history journey from a period of prehistory (300.000 S.M) what its human being still go about and very base on the nature, come up with a period of filling the independence (1950-1975) where Bali is built in all area that are politics, economic, and social cultural. Knowing and comprehending the history journey, soul, and spirit of Bali People struggle from time to time, expected can tighten the spirit and cultural, more tourism in Bali. So that can be developed to become the cultural tourism in order not to drift in globalization current, considering its rapid of external influence effect from the technological progress in information area, transportation and tourism.
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Brahmavihara Arama or commonly called Wihara Buddha Banjar is the biggest Buddhist temple in Bali. Situated in the hills of the Banjar Tegeha village in the district of Banjar, it blends beautifully with the peaceful environment. This Buddhist temple consists of five complexes:
a. Uposatha Gara
This hall is situated at the western top a comfortable and peaceful hall. On its wall the birth of the Buddha has been sculpted while a statue Buddha attaining Nirwana a heaven stands in the center of the hall. In this hall monk are

b. Dharmasala
A lecture hall situated in the eastern wing. Here priests give sermons. It also serves as a place for other spiritual activities.
c. Stupa.
A building with a bell shaped roof lying on south western. The wall are mode of concrete with beautiful reliefs.

d. The Bodi tree
Close to the north western corner of the building grows a gigantic bodi tree. Beautifully carved reliefs are around the tree. This tree symbolizes the victory of Buddha when attaining the eternal perfection or Samia Sang Buddha.
e. Kuti
Kuti is the having quarters of the monks and the student monks. This also serves as the practice hall for the monks.

Statues of Buddha decorates every part of the gardens and halls. The most beautiful being the Parinirwana and the statue of Buddha attaining sama or moksa in the Hindu religion. Sama or Moksa means the final earth exit.

was firstly given during the Dutch invasion in Indonesia by a tourist, who was inspired by a high hill standing on the south of the main road connecting Klungkung regency and Besakih of Karangasem regency. There is a Hindu Temple called Pura Pucak Sari on the top of the hill, which is surrounded by big trees. Below the temple complex there is a stunning panorama of rice fields. This makes the trees look like a tufting hair from a distance ( Bukit = hill, Jambul = Tuft of hair).
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Bukit Jambul
Bukit Jambul is located at Pesaban traditional village, Nongan village, Rendang district. It is approximately 8 km from Klungkung regency to the north, and about 51 km from Denpasar or 15 km from Besakih Temple.

This area is facilitated with food stalls or “warung” and also small restaurants, with a quite large parking lot.

Bukit Jambul is renowned as an outstanding natural tourist destination due to the harmonious combination of hilly land, rice fields, valleys and the beautiful sea panorama in a distance.
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Celuk Village
Celuk Village is located in the strategic area where in distance about 10 km from Denpasar town, this vilage stay in the network of tourism object and immeasurable and potential tourist destination. The neighbors village are Batubulan Village with individuality artistic of Barong dance and stone carving, Singapadu Village with the individuality of art village equipped by places of recreation such as Bird Park and Zoo, Batuan Village with artistically of the traditional painting, Guang village is a artistic village of wood carving and Sukawati as center of artistic commerce and souvenir. Through the street at Celuk Village about 2 km found in the left and right side the various type of gold and silver shop which open to the domestic and international tourist. It is also inside of Celuk Village, gone the round of the activity and workshop of crafting which is ready to accept the order in number small or huge. As village of tourism destination, Celuk Village crowded visited at morning and day time. The visit is usually done in the early tour or tourist moment return to hotel in the evening.

Bali Interesting Places, Celuk Village is a place of interest and properly visited in Bali own most uppermost image as a tourism object of gold and silver crafting. This countryside is located in sub district of Sukawati, Gianyar Regency own the individuality and excellence in production of gold and silver crafting in gilt edged and big quality. Most of all family and resident of Celuk Village is Balinese professional, artistic and skillful in developing related to the variation design of the silver and gold crafting.

Celuk Village is one of interesting place in Gianyar Bali
Is a crafting countryside owning long history root, its yield up the ghost have penetrated the local market, national and international. Immeasurable type of artwork result and variation of ornament, good as present and also export commodity produced in that countryside covering various of ring type, bangle, choker, earring, mother of pearl, Tusuk Konde, broach and other types. Beside of that, Celuk workers response to market demands also produce modern product like medal, maket and culture symbol. In spanning artistic growth history of the silver and gold crafting, step the invention of early by a group of family pertained by Clan Pande. From this family circle, activity of gold and silver crafting disseminate to entire society as a top profession, gradual shift work as farmer. About 1970’s decades have been happened the change of countryside society culture by significant, from agrarian society structure to industrial society structure of crafting. And even nowadays, some of them have jumped again to the economic structure of service by focusing in tourism service. The change and jumping movement the structure have brought the new positive impact for prosperity. Celuk Village, Kuta and Ubud pertained as prosperous countryside in Bali by the higher income per capita.
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Badung Traditional Market
Badung Traditional Market represent the center of town economics and represent the biggest market in Denpasar town which is located in Gajah Mada street, that is main road becoming shopping centre of provincial capital Bali. Before expanding like this time. Badung Traditional Market which apposite to the village temple that is one of three biggest temple in Denpasar Village where this market initially does not as big as like this time because have change experienced and modification several times to be adapted to the requirement and town growth .

If we see rearward, growth of Badung Market cannot be discharged from existence of an existing market in the cross Badung river that is Kumbasari Market because in the away back incoming society shop at the Badung Market feel incomplete go shopping if they not come go shopping to Kumbasari Market, especially for the man who go shopping for ceremony importance. Because in the era before in form of like this time, among of Badung Market and Kumbasari Market have the sold items type specialization .

Badung Market is market selling the consume and clothing items which its price are relative cheaper than clothing items sold at shop in Gajah Mada street which are most owned by citizen of Chinese clan. While Kumbasari Market which is famous first by the name of Peken Payuk (pot market), selling the items from gerabah / land in all form and size measure. The items sold for example: pot, pengedangan, cubek (saucer from land), paso ( pail from land), caratan ( place of drinking water from land), jeding ( barrel from land), penyantokan ( mixer from land), coblong ( cup from land), kekeb ( rice cover) and etc. All the items represent the kitchen equipments, also represent the items for ceremony. Because most of popular are payuk/pot, hence Kumbasari Market in the past referred as peken payuk or pot market.

The transformation of Badung Market from the beginning form becomes the high rise form like this time opened on 24 April 1984 by Bali Governor, Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra. Then after experiencing of fire accident repaired in year 2000 at that moment of governance of Dewa Made Berata as a governor. Market which broadness 14.544 M² broadly park 9064 M² is built four floors taken possession of 1834 merchants that is 292 merchants take possession of the block shop, 1363 merchants take possession of the corridor and 179 merchants take possession of ground level

The people who go shopping at the Badung Market are not only from environment of Denpasar community but also from outside town. The moment before big holiday like Galungan, Kuningan, Nyepi and others, this market is always solid by visitor .

Badung Market is opened at 5 o’clock in the morning and close at 5 o’clock in the evening. Then it is changed with the evening market opened from 05:00 pm until at 05:00 am the day after. While Senggol Market at Kumbasari opened at 02:00 pm and closed at 11:30 pm. The unique Senggol Market name is possibility taken away from the situation and condition of people moment go shopping each other jog because visitor denseness. This Senggol Market is selling the various food types, from cheap Bali cookery until cookery of Java and Chinese, also sell the various type of clothes from adult clothes until children one.

Badung Market encircled by shop which have column from west of Gajah Mada Street until the end of this road which located right and left side and also alongside of Sulawesi and Kartini Street . By one of Badung Traditional Market with this shop progressively strengthen the identity of Badung Market as center of town economics which hamper 24 hours have never silent visitor. The shops alongside of Gajah Mada Street hamper most owned by people of Chinese clan while the shop through the Sulawesi Street owned by Indian and special Arab clan sell assorted of cloth.
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Garuda Wisnu Kencana

Located on the top of Ungasan cliff Jimbaran, this architectural project should be completed in 2008 with statue of Wisnu the God of life and peace. Only the head of the statue has been completed and once completed it will rise 146 meters above the peninsula and 283 meters above the ocean; it would become the most spectacular statue in Bali and even in Indonesia. Now only part of the park is open to the public: an amphitheatre, gallery and restaurants and the head of the statue can already be seen.
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