Map Legian Bali

Legian is located more or less a half kilometer to north from kuta. Legian and kuta is a favorite place for tourism. Legian in the Balinese language, the word ‘Legian’ means anything sweet, pleasant, happy, and delightful to the senses.

Here there are many interesting pleases that are building, around the egged of the street you can find handicraft market, bar, cafe, showroom, event hotel and villas . About the beach Legian has the beautiful beach where you can relax and enjoyable with the beautiful views.

Map Seminyak  Bali

Seminyak has a beautiful beach with white sand and the blue ocean and the great surf for surfing. Here many facilities already building to support your vacation like hotel and villas, shops, restaurant, art shop, so you don’t need worry about it, make you feel comparable and enjoy your holiday in Bali.

More upmarket than Kuta and home to Bali’s best bars, clubs and restaurants with new places opening almost weekly. Creative energy is the phrase that best sums up Seminyak, energy which also extends to the fashion boutiques

The beach of Kuta is one of the first favorite beaches discovered by tourist.

Map Kuta   Bali

Kuta is the first favorite places to visit, which is located ten kilo meter to southwest from Denpasar which it including to Badung regency sees map north side is legian, kuta is the most popular palace in bali. The nick name for kuta is the heart of Bali most of the tourist activity beatings hear, this city is never sleep.

There are so many vacility all ready build here like hotel and villas, shops, restaurant, art shop and the location is strategies so you don’t need worry about it near to the airpor and to the centeren of Denpasar. The beach of Kuta is one of the first favorite beaches discovered by tourist.

Map Ubud  Bali

Ubud is one interesting place in Bali which is located amongst rice paddies and steep ravines in the island’s central foothills in the Gianyar regency sees map. This town is the centers of arts and culture and it has developed a large tourism industry.

Beside the arts, this please also has beautiful natural views where the plant and rice growing well and in the eddge villas and resort already build which the lobby facing directly to the beautiful natural views.