In any tourism areas, car rentals are of great importance, giving visitors better opportunities to see the city around. Bali is a popular international tourist destination, so there are of course an abundance of Bali car rentals. Being an island offering beautiful scenery all over and exciting experience everywhere, Bali surely cannot be explored in a short time. This is when a car rental is inevitably needed to travel around. Bali car rental options are largely available and it is really easy to rent a car in Bali.

When looking for a car rental Bali , you can choose either to drive the car yourself or to have a driver provided by the car rental company. Both options have the plus and minus points, depending on how skillful you are at driving, considering the traffic in Bali. Like any other places in Indonesia, driving is on the right as only the right-side traffic prevails. If you are not the first time visitor, you certainly know how it is and probably can navigate better. However, if this is your first visit to Bali, self-driving a Bali rent car does not seem like a good idea.

With a huge number of tourists coming to Bali every year, any car rental Bali offers a wide variety of cars for customers. Naturally, the newer cars cost higher than the older ones, but the newer ones are often more economical in gas. The length of hiring time ranges from 10 to 24 hours and the rate is determined from the multiplication of those hours. Bali car rental companies occasionally also offer discounts, especially during the low seasons such as between September and November. Although there are taxis in Bali, renting a car gives you more freedom in your itinerary and you will have more time to spend in places that you favor mo